Wickedly Wooden

Yesterday I highlighted my friend’s new cake business.  Today I’d like to tell you about my brother’s (Scott) wood carving business.  My brother and his girlfriend (Nicole) are so talented I cannot even contain myself when it comes to their work!

They have a Facebook page where they can tell all their friends and fans about new pieces of work and an Etsy shop.  They hand carve beautiful pieces of wood into magnificent works of art.  If only I was half as talented!

Scott has been what I consider a gifted artist for as long as I can remember.  He was always drawing and he made some amazing pieces in his high school art class – some were featured in our local library at the time.  I also remember a time that while bored in class he started drawing on his pants – his teacher ended up giving him an “A” for those pants!

Throughout the years my brother has created many beautiful pen and ink drawings, pencil drawings and an array of other things.  A few years ago he started to do some wood carving and it has now turned into a side business (he’d love for it to be full-time, but there are bills to pay so for now he will continue to work his full-time job).  Scott and Nicole now do some arts and craft festivals, weather permitting in Maine, to show off their talents and sell their beautiful work.

You can learn a little bit more about how they got started by checking out their website – Wickedly Wooden.

Here is a glimpse of some work they have done.



Running Man necklace: 


 Double Wave:


Art work I love:


As a previous small business owner myself I strongly believe in and support small business and entrepreneurship.  I will be featuring some of my favorites from time to time and I hope you will help support them as well.  Small business is what keeps America going and without it we will not thrive!


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