Do you believe in small business?

Do you believe that small business and entrepreneurship is important to the future of the U.S.?  Do you believe that small business helps provide jobs and helps the economy?  I DO!

I told you about my friend Heather’s business recently (Extreme Cakes by Heather).  She just signed the lease on a store front for her cake business.  The rent is reasonable, but there is a lot of work to be done to get it ready and all the while she still has cakes to make.

If you are someone who supports small business and you click the “LIKE” button on Facebook anytime the American Express Small Business Saturday events come up – then I need your help (well, my friend needs your help).  She has set up a site on GoFundMe to raise working capital for her new business.  Heather and I are alike in that we are both hard-working girls who believe in going after your dream.  I worked for a year and a half to put together a plan to buy my salon and finally signed papers in the fall of 2006.  It wasn’t the success (I had to close it in 2008) I had hoped for – but I had a dream and I went after it and I hope to do it again one day.

When I closed my salon I made a personal vow to myself to help anyone I know who has a small business or the dream of having one.  Heather’s creativity when it comes to cake decorating is amazing!  Here is one of the recent ones she made which I love (I have a soft spot for Coach handbags).


If you’d like to support Heather – ever dollar counts – please use this link to do so.  Please consider giving just a few dollars to see someone’s dream come true and also to help stimulate the economy (she is helping by taking an empty building and making it generate income for the landlord and for her, she will be able to employ people as she grows her business, she will be buying supplies, paying utilities and the list goes on of ways she will be part of the growth of our economy).

Please know that I do not endorse people freely – you have to earn my trust and I have to know you are worth endorsing.  I’ve known Heather for well over (oh god – I can’t believe I’m admitting this) 20 years and she is one person I would stand behind over and over again!


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