Teacher Appreciation Week (5/7-5/11)

Not only is the end of the school year fast approaching, and not only are parents scrambling around to figure out a great gift to give the teachers who have helped develop and mold their child(ren) over the past school year, but Teacher Appreciation Week is only a couple weeks away!  It starts May 7th and is a week dedicated to showing appreciation for those teachers who have spent hours with your child – teaching them, mentoring them, and helping them grow into the wonderful people who will lead this country one day.

I recently made a cute “pencil” holder.  It is created using a tin can and pencils and tied with a bow.  This is a great gift to present to a teacher and can be filled with flowers or pens and pencils for their desk.

No time to craft your own gift or help your child make something…let me know and I can make this or something else for you.  Check out my Gift Ideas board on Pinterest.

And…for my friends that are teachers – thank you for doing an important job!  You probably don’t hear it often, but what you do is very important!



It’s Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day I’d like to show you some things I’ve created recently by upcycling and recycling.

Do you have a bunch of t-shirts around that you don’t wear anymore for one reason or another?  The most common reason I don’t wear them is because (1) I’m not a huge fan of t-shirts and (2) when I do find one I like I always make the mistake of putting it in the dryer and the darn thing shrinks up!

So…I am making them into “shopping bags” you can use when running errands!


I cut the sleeves off, cut out the neck and then sewed the bottom shut and VIOLA – you have a shopping bag!

Next…I recycled some tulle from a friend’s wedding to make two super cute wreaths that would be perfect in a little girl’s room as a decoration or on her bedroom door letting all the world know that a princess lives there!

And lastly, a couple months ago I made this…I used canvas and randomly added pieces of leftover scraps of fabric to make a piece of wall art for my sewing/crafting room.   This is a great way to use small pieces that you might throw in the trash.  Go green and make an original piece of art for any space in your house!  You can use pieces of fabric or scrapbook paper and modge podge it to your canvas or to a piece of wood.  Get creative!


I hope you’ve had a great Earth Day and you’ve found ways to recycle and upcycle in your house!  Every little bit counts!

See you at the local vendor fair!

Some of you may know that for the last 2 years I’ve manned my friend’s booth, Rinse Bath & Body, at the local Marietta Square Farmer’s Market.  Well, this Saturday is the start of year 3 and I can’t wait.  I love being there, talking to the customers, and meeting lots of great people.  And, the following day – Easter Sunday – I will be manning the Rinse booth at The Blue Market held at Blue Mark Studios which is an awesome old church that has been repurposed into a studio.  The 2nd Sunday of every month lots of great, local artisans get together at this incredible venue and sell their fabulous wares!

I will not be featuring my GeminiRed Creations items, but I will have a few with me.  This particular event is dedicated to my friend’s business.  As you all should know by now – I’m a huge fan of small business and helping entrepreneurs succeed!  Please come check out this event – if you can’t make it on Sunday because of family obligations, I look forward to seeing you in May!

This is a list of local artists who have signed up for April 8th –

* A. Thai Jewelry * Dana Burrell, Terminus Studios * GMC Brushworks and Imprints *

* K. Bailey * Mark of the Sun Ceramics by Jill Slavin * Only Natural Jewelry *

* Portia Mack Collection * Rinse * Silver Talisman *

* Survivehers * Susan Hnatuick * Taaliyah Creations *

AND…there will be some awesome food trucks too!  Last time I was there The Good Food truck was there (their truck serves something called The Poodle – it’s a hotdog on a french toast bun with apple slaw – OMG).  Anyway…I know everything will be great and you really should check it out and support local artists in the area!